Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I H8 Nancy


I H8 Nancy not for failure to impeach, and certainly not for failure to get an ouster, but for suppressing investigation into impeachability, and for instead giving Bush and Cheney assistance in their crimes, with only a little bit less obsequiousness than does Harry Reid.

These people give the Beltway Establishment what the Beltway Establishment wants, and the voting populace can go to hell, as long as they can’t afford to vote for ‘Republicans’ or the disorganized ‘third’ parties. In the end, Reid and Pelosi support Bush and Cheney because Beltway people are their kind of people, and the rest of us are, from the point of view of the Beltway people, ‘special interests’.

As the psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank has pointed out, Bush has gotten essentially everything he has wanted apart from removal of the electrified third rail of American politics (Social Security), and he has at least survived even contact with that supposedly deadly rail.

There is, along with Beltway mentality, a hefty dose of cowardice in Washington, more for Pelosi than for Reid. Pelosi and friends are terrified of the mentally-ill reaction they would get if they actually took a stand against Bush. I OTOH count on precisely that happening, and making it a transformative event.

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