Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The brilliance of Randi Rhodes

Right now Randi Rhodes is lecturing nauseated Democratic callers about how brilliant Barack Obama is to associate his name with that of Ronald Reagan and thereby attract ‘Obama Republicans’ the way Reagan attracted ‘Reagan Democrats’.

Yup, nauseating the people who are most likely to support you, in hopes of attracting ‘Republicans’ who react positively to the words ‘Ronald Reagan’ but don’t actually like what Ronald Reagan did, nearly always is sound campaign methodology for the Democratic primaries. Nay, it isn’t merely sound, it is pure genius.

(I think she is doing something she does almost always as a means of manage her anxiety, which is to make a superhero of a person whom she is supporting, in this case Barack Obama. Then she doesn’t have to think about the person’s severe flaws, the way a Felix-Unger-like person such as myself has to do to manage his or her anxiety. Randi Rhodes can out-Oscar even Oscar Madison himself.)

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