Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Keith Olbermann gets the facts wrong and directs his anger incorrectly

I have neglected to write about Keith Olbermann’s latest special comment, of a day or two ago. I’m sure you can get it from, however this is the first of Olbermann’s special comments that I haven’t bothered to download for my archive.

It was on the battle in Washington over extending/permanentizing the PAA (Read Everyone’s Everything and Especially Democratic Politicians’ Stuff and Tap Everyone’s International Phone Calls Act) and giving telecom outfits immunity for their legal transgressions, Olbermann couldn’t bother to get the simple facts right, and directed his ire at the wrong people.

The PAA would have expired today if it hadn’t been extended (which it was, for 15 days). But Keith Olbermann kept referring not to the PAA but to the FISA act, and it is merely ‘Republican’ propaganda that it was the FISA act expiring, and that we would have been left without the FISA act and so without the ability to spy on The Dreaded Terrorists. This shows that Olbermann, being a type of reporter and therefore having the responsibility to research before speaking, didn’t do his job. He had only a hazy understanding of what was occurring. (Perhaps he got his ‘information’ from such stenographic rags as Time magazine.)

Also he had lots of anger directed at George W. Bush and addressed his speech to George W. Bush, but most of this anger ought to have been directed at Democrats in the Senate. When is Olbermann going to figure this out, that he should be redirecting his anger at Democrats, now that the 2006 election is history?

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