Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Glenn Greenwald writes about attacks on Obama


I pretty much agree with Glenn.

Yesterday’s speech by Obama, a bit of which I have heard, had the unusual property of being clearly about something to which you could clearly point, in this case the recorded words of Hillary Clinton.

BTW the warm-up for Hillary Clinton’s speech last night was itself very entertaining, and whether they like it or not is indicative of Hillary and Bill Clinton’s unusual ability—or should I say propensity—to polarize people—at least the propensity to polarize people against them.

(The polarizing for them, if such a phenomenon can be described, is partly because Bill Clinton can give you, from a hundred yards away, the impression that he is hugging you, thanking you for your support, and wishing you well. Just be sure not to step on his toes from afar while he’s hugging you from afar. :) )

Mind you, I still want to have a cozy outing with Hillary Clinton, as well as Bill and my Kristy, to talk about pantsuits, the raising of puppies, Obama’s ears, etc.

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