Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I need help

I have figured out why I am so jumpy this evening. It has been building up for several days. It is about that "spirituality" issue.

My problem is that I am like a "spiritual" person, except I cannot be "spiritual" and must refuse to use that term. Thus I am kept out of the community of other people who are like me. I am kept out by a word. The term "non-spirituality" doesn't help, because what is missing is a term that applies to both cases. "Non-euclidean geometries" includes euclidean geometries as a special case, but we do not call euclidean geometry a non-euclidean geometry; the seeming contradiction is just a quirk of the jargon. What I am missing is the equivalent of the noun "geometry." I need to be able to say "spiritual <noun goes here>" and "non-spiritual <noun goes here>."

This is serious and I would like help finding the terminology. Look at it this way. Suppose I wanted to start a LiveJournal community for "spiritual"-like socializing. I could not call it "spirituality" and I could not call it "non-spirituality." I need to be able to call it something and I need the words to be natural, memorable, and succinct.

Another way to look at it is to note that, without the word "Jew" or something like it, there would be no Jewry. There just wouldn't. Words are very powerful in human life.

I am requesting help, though the responsibility to come up with a term is mine.

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