Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

The Woman From Hopelessness

Useful Frank Rich today, I think:

Today Hillary is likening Obama to George W. Bush, suggesting that as people thought they would get ‘compassion’ from Bush but didn’t, so Obama may be lying about his intentions. This argument is plainly fallacious, since it demands that we not take into account Bush’s and Obama’s life and political histories. Obama’s campaign has responded by quoting from Clinton’s communications director to the effect that likening a Democrat to George W. Bush isn’t a good idea.

It is amazing how Obama is reenacting the Bill Clinton of 1992 and Hillary Clinton is reenacting the role of George H. W. Bush: Obama comes (like The Man from Hope in 1992) with ‘hope’, and Hillary Clinton responds in the manner of Poppy Bush, who called Bill Clinton and Al Gore ‘those two bozos’ and so made himself appear petty and childish.

(BTW Wednesday will be Chelsea Clinton’s birthday. She’ll be 28. That really makes one wonder what David Shuster thought weird about a nearly 28 years old woman campaigning for superdelegates for her mother. His choice of words is less striking to me than the suggestion there was something odd about such ordinary events.)

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