Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Obama on the word ‘liberal’

You may notice Obama saying lots of good things are ‘not liberal’. My suggestion is that you treat this ‘not’ as equivalent to the ‘non’ in ‘non-euclidean geometry’. Heh, that makes things clear, right? :) But here’s how it works: what Obama is saying is that these good things aren’t restricted to people who are considered ‘liberals’. ‘Liberals’ may support those good things, but Obama is willing to share those good things with people who are not called (by themselves, the media, politicians, etc.) ‘liberals’.

Now, some complain that Obama is ‘negatively branding’ the word ‘liberal’, but these people are reasoning within a corrupt, exploitive tradition of turning words into happy button pushers and unhappy button pushers. They want to make ‘liberal’ a word that pushes happy buttons instead of unhappy buttons. What Obama is doing in this case, on the other hand, is immunizing people against that kind of exploitation. He is trying to make people feel ‘nothing’ when the ‘Republican’ reactionaries abuse the word ‘liberal’.

If Obama also would forego his own button-pushing abuses, then I would be very pleased, indeed.

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