Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Keep an ear out for Bush to slip up and tell what he’s really thinking

Recently the Leader, banging on his podium, said the lack of a telecom immunity bill would be ‘patently unfair’ to the companies. This is a sort of language in which, on past occasions, he has slipped and accidentally revealed facts about himself. What he is thinking is that it is unfair to him, because the lawsuits threaten to reveal his own criminality. He thinks the world is supposed to make everything hunky-dory for the Leader; never mind telecom companies, he couldn’t care less about them.

So, keep your ear ready to hear Bush slip up. Frankly I think he almost did on this occasion, because the ‘patently unfair’ was accompanied by some quickly aborted statements.

Word on the street says that the regime is pushing for telecom immunity with greater franticness than they ever have for anything.

As soon as there is immunity, Bush is free. Jay Rockefeller and Harry Reid want exactly that, because they like the Washington establishment exactly the way it is. Will the House cave?

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