Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

It’s nice to have my pens back

I’ve got my 1940s Parker Vacumatic Jr and my 1950s Pelikan 400 back from being serviced and hopefully they will be trouble-free from now on. The Vac I essentially had overhauled, and the Pelikan needed a new seal. (Pelicans and seals, eh? I think they’ll both want some fish.) It’s a piston-filler and the seal is the piston-ish part, and the probably quite old one that was in the pen beforehand basically shrank as soon as I started using the pen.

Frankly I would just as soon have taken advantage of the easy interchangeability of Pelikan nib units to put that old flex nib onto a modern Pelikan barrel, if the vintage barrel weren’t a beautiful tortoise-shell stripe celluloid. So I got it fixed. (I once briefly had a modern tortoise-shell stripe M400, very similar to this vintage 400, but sent it back because the nib was defective.)

I have one other vintage pen but it’s a no-brand thing that got lost, with its mates, in the back room of Woolworth’s or whatever and was forgotten for 50 or 60 years. Made in Germany shortly after the War (probably not by Pelikan), and a total piece of crap. Not my best purchase ever.

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