Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Brent Budowsky is irate

Brent Budowsky is on Randi Rhodes and is angry as hell, that for the first time in his experience one Democrat is running against the other by Politics of Personal Destruction without making any serious argument why she ought to be the candidate. And he is especially upset about Hillary’s non-denial denial that she believes Obama is a Muslim (and thus perhaps an al-Qaeda operative). And he says that the superdelegates are turning against Clinton on account of this.

To be fair, Budowsky was an Obama supporter from the beginning, but he also is a columnist for The Hill and tends to have both inside information and, in my opinion, very good political insight.

At those debates, Hillary said she was proud to be running against Obama and that she and Obama would be ‘fine’ after this is all said and done, and Ms. Clinton got praised for this, but people are not all looking at the broader picture. The way I see it, she was saying, ‘Barack, I am going to try to destroy you, but don’t take it personally. As Bob Dole might say, that’s just politics.’

(I would remind people that I before South Carolina our refrigerator was decorated with photographs of Bill, Hillary, and Buddy. This is how much I ‘hated’ Hillary before all this—I decorated my refrigerator with her picture. I took those pictures all down, and even the picture that had Bill with Al Gore. (Maybe I should simply have cut out Bill and replaced him with a photograph of a camera lens.) What Budowsky is saying is that many superdelegates are having reactions similar to my own.)

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