Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Clinton dividing the ‘races’

Kristy still watches TV, and she is watching MSNBC. Tim Russert just used exit polls from Mississippi as an opening to report that Hillary Clinton is strengthening a racial divide within the Democratic Party, and noting how important African-American voters are to the Democratic Party.

I put it that way because, after all, it is Mississippi. That is, the racial divide there is already pretty strong, so it’s hard to tell how much is due to Clinton. However, Tim Russert is using it as an opening to express what lots of people also are feeling, which is that Hillary Clinton is doing this.

Regardless of the above, Hillary Clinton has gone truthlessly negative, and the main purpose of going truthlessly negative is to dishearten voters, depress their enthusiasm, and hope that more of your opponent’s supporters stay home than yours do. In this crucial, historical year, Hillary Clinton is trying to depress Democratic enthusiasm. This isn’t just about the presidential race; enthusiasm would be depressed all the way, in Senate elections, in House elections, etc.

If I were Obama I would really start sending, indirectly, offers of the VP slot in exchange for cutting the crap. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have to drop out; she could just agree to lose at the convention. She might take it, given that she has seemingly dropped hints of desire for the vice presidency, and even the suggestion of Obama as a running mate shows that the running-matehood is on the Clintonian mind.

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