Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I’ve removed TalkLeft from my friends list. It’s not Armando, but Jeralyn, who has found a way to transform me into Jack Paar, vomiting my anger all over what ought to be some friendly discourse. And it doesn't float my boat anymore.

But even I am too young for that Jack Paar allusion. :) The best one-time example of that sort of thing in my Johnny Carson-dominated experience would perhaps be what might have been the greatest baseball manager blow-up in the entire history of the game, the day that Dirty Al Gallagher took off his shoes and threw them, then took off his socks and threw them, and did other things that weren't as memorable as the socks; those shoes and socks were, some years later, bronzed and made into a trophy. I was there for the blow-up, and I was there for the awarding of the trophy; some of the best memories of my life. So maybe one day they’ll bronze the brains from my exploded head that sprayed all over that TalkLeft comments page. Meanwhile, I need to go find myself a new brain.

But, anyway, to the point: I might want to find something else to read. :) Maybe I’ll try Kevin Drum again, though probably not, he’s just not brainy enough for my taste :) Josh Marshall is brainy enough, and Glenn Greenwald is extra super double hyper brainy enough, but is there anyone else as brainy? Digby, I guess, I’ll add Digby. And maybe I’ll go hang out at :)

(Digby seems to be friendable as digby2.)

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