Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Quieted and soothed

I notice tonight that (the far too excitable) Mike Malloy has been quieted and soothed by Obama’s speech. When you want to make lasting change, you need for people to become, even if it takes years, relaxed and just a little delayed in their reactions, because they are not bursting into speech as soon as they are stimulated. They are giving their brains enough time to process the stimulus.

Malloy said the speech could not have been in a moving ‘call-response’ format, because of race. But the problem with ‘call-response’ would be more fundamental than that, because you want people to feel as if you have done nothing to them at all; they should feel, as I have said before, not as if they are warmed by the glow a great leader, but as if they are warmed by the glow of a light bulb popping up over their heads. They should have their brains slowed down just a little, to take advantage of the advanced complexity of human brain architecture.

It is like learning arithmetic; no one does arithmetic because they were ‘inspired’, but because they were physically changed, microscopically, into people who do arithmetic, an advanced use of human brain architecture.

The only previously well known political speech I can think of that truly quiets and soothes this way, when I read it, is the Gettysburg Address. But I don’t read speeches a lot. :)

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