Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Exactly the speech I expected

I have been struck by the way people, such as callers to talk shows, have expressed that they were ‘shocked’ by Obama’s speech yesterday, that they had not expected such forthrightness at all. I chuckle, because Obama gave exactly the speech I expected of him. :)

What I said of the Ohio sham ‘debate’: Hillary Clinton seemed to be treating it like a boxing match, at a key point throwing an attempted ‘knock-out punch’ when Barack Obama ‘denounced’ but did not ‘reject’ Louis Farrakhan; Barack Obama, on the other hand, was simply answering the questions. Why shouldn’t he do similarly when giving such an important speech? My expectations of Obama were not pre-colored by expectations of what a ‘politician’ (a class term) would do, but were based on Obama’s past behavior.

(BTW there is a simple though powerful way to turn a class term into a name of some individual, which is to use a subscript or similar notation. For example: politician1 = Hillary Clinton, politician2 = Bill Clinton, politician3 = Barack Obama, politician4 = Silvio Berlusconi, and so on. Such a method, borrowed from mathematics, has several advantages, including that it explicitly includes the class term, and that it assigns an arbitrary order to the individuals.)

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