Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

A puzzle

It is a puzzle to me how, if it is the case, some general semantics theory worked its way into Barack Obama’s life, directly or indirectly, without sufficient corruption to render the material ineffective. Perhaps the connection is very indirect or it is a coincidence, that Barack Obama is just one of those people who, by good luck, has come to have a relatively scientific orientation in ordinary life. In that case the mention of general semantics at the TUCC website might share roots with Obama’s orientation, rather than indicate the cause of his orientation.

I think it true that, if Obama were more fully scientific in approach, he might not be Christian, or at least would not describe his Christianity as ‘faith’, but I do not know why he became Christian in the first place. I still wonder if it was not essentially to help him win elections, although an arranged marriage can be a loving one, just the same.

There was a Unitarian-Universalist church somewhere in the Twin Cities where the pastor was an atheist. If he’s still around, that’s the church I’m going to join when I run for president (not counting my imaginary candidacy this year). :)

BTW my current reading is the Bible in Esperanto. I’ve started at the beginning and am just past the point where Joseph is born. The Old Testament was translated by Ludwig Zamenhof himself, the originator of Esperanto, who was Jewish (what a shock). I’ve been entertained by mythology since I started reading non-picture books, starting with my mother’s copy of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology; I mean actual mythology, as opposed to the literary stuff that is called ‘Fantasy’. Maybe if they wrote Fantasy as pentameters I would be more interested.

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