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The superdelegates are revolting

From Brent Budowsky yesterday (

Growing Superdelegate Outrage At Clinton Tactics (Brent Budowsky)

I predict that sooner than people expect there will be major movement among leading superdelegates who are uncommitted toward Barack Obama.

It is increasingly clear to them, as it has long been clear to me, that the Clinton strategy of wrecking ball, personal destruction poses an increasing danger that McCain wins the White House and Democrats are hurt in House and Senate elections.

Stay tuned, I will have more to say on this soon, and predict we will see public evidence of superdelegate movement to Obama and against Clinton within a time period measured in days, not weeks.

I am detecting a significant “behind the scenes” change, in the last 48-72 hours, from a growing number of superdelegates who want the Clinton carnage to end and will soon be moved to action.

What is called the Tonya Harding strategy by Clinton will soon drive superdelegates to action to end a campaign that has now become destructive and dangerous for all Democrats.
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