Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


Sam Seder (subbing for The Goddess [Randi]) just re-played some CBS audio reporting of Hillary’s big lie about her visit to Bosnia, and it was absolutely Hillarious.

Mitt Romney invented his life, too, but had the sense to get out and claim he was doing for party unity.

I never expected this. Really, I thought she was a better person than she is. The same goes for Bill Clinton. They just are lower quality people than I had thought, who send out the husband of a top Bushist word-thug to claim that the Democratic nominee is a Judas. (They also are labeling him a Librul!)

It really doesn’t seem possible anymore for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination by any method other than slaying Barack Obama, because she has reached the stage where continued negative campaigning is going to bring her numbers down more than her opponent’s. Her terrified, angered superdelegates are telling her, basically, to campaign against McCain, let all the remaining primaries happen, and then lose gracefully.

It’s too bad her husband is a jackass, because a better one could have helped her through her defeat, while this asinine one made matters worse. But I guess they are matched to each other. If only they would just go away and live a happy, well matched life together out of public view.

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