Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Political prisoner to be released

Former Democratic governor Don Siegelman of Alabama, a political prisoner of the Bushists, is, I just heard, going to be released on bond and will testify before Congress.

I do not exaggerate in calling Siegelman a political prisoner. The judge was even in on it, failing to release a transcript of the trial, so that Siegelman could not file an appeal. If I remember correctly, he was charge, essentially, with doing political favors in exchange for nothing. This came after his re-election was blatantly stolen—Google it if you want the shocking details—and he had the nerve to complain about it in public.

Not too long the Bushists down in Alabama arrested a second Democratic political prisoner. They came and got her out of the shower at home. She is being charged with not having put in enough hours at work.

The Siegelman case is one of the potential routes to prison for Karl Rove and friends. Actually it probably is inseparable from the attorney firings scandal; the attorneys who were fired were the ones that wouldn’t take political prisoners or do other stuff like that.

I guess the judge must have been frightened into finally releasing that transcript. Siegelman most likely will win his appeal, or eventually have the charges dropped, I’m going to guess.

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