Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Okay, Digby, this is the second time in a few days

I guess this is a consequence of reading Digby regularly, instead of via links, but she’s not quite as on the ball as I would have supposed (

I thought I was long past the point of being shocked at anything the Bush administration did. They suspended the constitution after 9/11 and set forth a series of legal opinions that said the president can do anything he deems necessary to "protect the country." Once you truly absorb that fact, it's hard to be emotionally affected by anything else you learn.

But I was wrong. This shocks me. The president of the United States casually admits on television that he approved of his national security team personally deciding which specific torture techniques should be used against prisoners ...

Oh, puhleez. And you’ll be shocked when his library of sadistic rape videotapes turns up, too. You’ve got to be kidding me. We have a horrible, sadistic mass murderer in the White House, Digby. He has people killed for his pleasure and he enjoys it. And Colin Powell is a hideous yes man who doesn’t, really doesn’t very much care who gets hurt or killed. That’s why he lied to the Security Council, and it’s why he enabled the Bushists in their paraphilic and sadistic pursuits.

I suppose the impression I had of Digby before was colored by the way I had read much of her stuff, which is by links from Glenn Greenwald, who, like I, would not be shocked by any of this. We might be taken by surprise but in the way where you were expecting one thing for your birthday present and instead got something else just as good or bad.

Not that this means I won’t read Digby, just that she is Level 9, while Glenn Greenwald is Level 10. (I think Josh Marshall also is level 10 these days.)

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