Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Mark Crispin Miller talks to Buzz about the Bush

In a BuzzFlash interview, Mark Crispin Miller explains the Bush's actions and behavior:

I believe MCM's understanding of the Bush's behavior is right on the money. I would differ only in insignificant details. For example, MCM says:
Bush feels no empathy. There's no evidence that he can empathize with anyone. There is only evidence that he's incapable of empathy, because whenever he tries to make an unscripted empathetic statement, his language melts into amusing gaffes. In place of empathy, he expresses what he regards as righteous wrath, indignation, disgust, nausea at the gruesomeness and sadism of the enemy's acts. As far as I can remember, he's outdone every modern president in the explicitness of his gruesome and inflammatory charges. He goes on in such gory detail with, let's face it, a certain relish. This is a guy who, as a lad, blew up frogs for sport. This is a guy who set a record for executing people in Texas. This is the guy who made fun of Karla Faye Tucker when she was facing execution. The guy's a sociopath.

I differ with MCM by referring to the Bush as a pathological narcissist, rather than a sociopath. The Bush cannot bring Himself to admit error or indeed any form of weakness. The Bush could not bring Himself to say "shame on me," or to admit an error other than by joking about trading Sammy Sosa. The "sociopath" label would fit better if the Bush were able to say these things without meaning them, as a way to manipulate us.

But it matters little, because both the sociopathic and narcissistic categories include some of the most dangerous individuals in the human race, with the Bush obviously among these.

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