Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Worst. ‘Debate’. Ever.

That was horrible last night. I mean, it was much worse than anything I’d ever seen before. Here is a picture of Charles ‘Professors Make 150K Dollars’ Gibson and George ‘Hairball’ Stefanopoulos teaming up to ask a ‘question’:

Oh, and one of the one or two actual questions was about Hillary Clinton’s telling whopping lies, and her answer boiled down to ‘I was sleepy and so what if I tell whopping lies, what’s the big deal?’ Then the next ‘question’ was to Obama, but it actually was a request (not verbatim), ‘Will you call Hillary Clinton a liar for us?’ And Obama said (not verbatim) ‘No, I won’t.’ Freaking Jerry Springer show is what those clowns wanted; the depravity is astounding.

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Glenn Greenwald on the ‘debate’:

P.S. Maybe I should mention some of the ‘questions’, to give the idea. There were (not verbatim) ‘Barack Obama, do you like the flag?’ ‘Barack Obama, do you think Jeremiah Wright is a patriot?’... Do you need more examples? Almost the whole ‘debate’ consisted of such stuff.

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