Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Pet peeve number gamma-epsilon

I am tired of people saying that Hillary Clinton is smart and so must be taking bad advice.

I am tired of people asking, ‘I know she’s smart, so why is she doing this?’

Superdelegate James Zogby, in calling for the rug to be pulled from under Ms. Clinton, says: ‘There is no doubt that Senator Clinton is a talented and an extraordinarily intelligent person. Her tragic flaw is her belief that only she is capable of leading.’ If Hillary Clinton’s flaw is narcissism, why start by insisting that she is ‘extraordinarily intelligent’, and ‘talented’?

The answer to your questions is on the tips of your own tongues, people, but you have to give up and say it: She’s not as generally bright as we had assumed, and she has too little talent for leadership. We overrated her and ought to accept this and move on.

Look, she has intelligence of a sort, but is lackluster in general. She is very resourceful, very good at coming up with something to get her through the rest of the day in a good position to get through tomorrow, but she is not a very good ‘thinker’.

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