Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Stacy Taylor misses the real story

Stacy Taylor, substituting for Randi Rhodes, says he thinks the ‘Republicans’ think that Hillary Clinton would be the stronger candidate, and points to Barack Obama being on the defensive right now about Jeremiah Wright’s jackassery.

Such is the state of mind of someone who does not understand what we are up against. Taylor thinks that Barack Obama is on the defensive more than is Clinton because he is a weaker candidate than Clinton, and he thinks that’s what the ‘Republicans’ must believe, too. In reality, it is almost backwards from that; Barack Obama is facing a media onslaught mainly because he is expected to be the Democratic nominee. If Clinton were going to be the Democratic nominee, she would be facing just the same onslaught (and handling it less well than Obama is doing, because all Obama has to do is tell the truth, that his former pastor is acting like an ass, while Clinton would be making excuses and lies and drinking Boilermakers incorrectly while twirling a six-shooter).

Here is how it works: The media pelts the Democrat with jackass preachers, flag lapel pins, and insinuations that they are fairies, while praising the ‘Republican’s’ toughness, experience, and ability to bring people together.

Do not worry that Obama is going to spend the rest of this campaign fending off the crap, because any Democrat (even if it were Joe Lieberman) would face the same type of onslaught, and Obama is the best we have at handling it, because he tells the truth rather than go duckhunting.

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