Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Parker 51

I have to say, I’m very pleased with my Parker 51. Really it’s a Bexley-customized Parker 51, of hard rubber rather than Lucite, so maybe the feel is different, but in any case an aerometric Parker 51 known to be in good working condition is something I can recommend as a good first or only fountain pen, and it works very nicely with Noodler’s ‘Bulletproof’ inks, or at least whatever color it is I have in it—I think the Polar Blue, though maybe it is the Indigo.

Otherwise I’d recommend a modern Pelikan M200 (or similar but more expensive, like an M400).

Unless you are looking for a pen that takes cartridges. For a cartridge pen, I don’t know, although the Levenger True Writer is a good one for the price (especially since I got mine for $15, but that was for a discontinued color). Not the best construction, though—mine has a loose cap band. Writes very nicely, nevertheless, at least with some inks and papers, I don’t remember which, and I’m not sure if I ever used a cartridge in it instead of a converter.

BTW in gold nibs, 14-karat is generally preferable over 18-karat. I think 18-karat gold gets around laws in some places, basically letting you call it gold, so it’s the popularity of 18-karat gold with modern manufacturers is a sort of concession to pens being also a sort of jewelry, but 18-karat gold is harder to make a good nib from. (Though I actually have a 22-karat nib in one pen, which has a very soft feel when pressed to the paper; it’s not too bad.)

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