Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Ugh. Everyone come along, I’m taking you out for ice cream.

Hillary Clinton’s cloddish recitation of fantasies about demographic groups, in terms of such sort as ‘hard-working whites’, seem to me just the latest version of ‘If you look at it sideways with your head in a bowl of cottage cheese, then I win!’ I think she is not articulate enough to be tactful. I am getting really annoyed that people treat her as some kind of ‘genius’ being misled by advisers or gone totally mad with powerlust. She’s not as generally ‘smart’ as you think she is! So many mysteries are built on the assumption that, just because she is some kind of policy-point nerd who can pull a sort of rabbit out of a sort of hat, Hillary Clinton must be as capable generally as Barack Obama or Al Gore or any other such brainiac. No, she’s not! Everything becomes much clearer when you come to accept that.

You can’t turn left or right now without seeing ‘Hillary’s playing the race card’. The New York Times editorial page included. But this isn’t playing the race card, I think, like she was doing when her surrogates were speaking mostly in code, nasty innuendo. Instead, it seems to me, Hillary Clinton is just not sophisticated enough to keep the demographics talk internal to the campaign, while getting the desired message to superdelegates and voters by indirect means (by which I do not mean innuendo, nor do I mean imbibing whiskey while skinning a deer).

I think there are a lot of people who could use a trip to the ice cream shop, including the editorial page people at the New York Times. From here on out it’s really mostly arranging (I think and hope) for Oregon or whoever to put Obama’s total delegate count past the finish line. For that to happen, Hillary Clinton must stay in the race, and the benefits will include getting out more and more new voters, more and more crossovers from the Bushist Party, more and more turnout, etc. Also, Obama-supporting superdelegates have to announce their support at the right times.

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