Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Folk Flute upupdate (upupupdated) (upupupupdated)

I think I’m going to go ahead and order one, because, frankly, and this is what I have resisted admitting, I’m just not happy with my plastic flutes. I’m happy with my plastic recorders, which are very like the wooden instrument and have tapered bores, but I am not happy with the flutes, which are makeshift designs and not true conical-bore simple system flutes. The Tony Dixons are really cylindrical-bore whistles for which I have a flute headjoint accessory, and the Tipples are lengths of PVC plumbing with holes drilled in them and a used wine cork to stop one end. Those Tipple flutes particularly are nice, despite being built out of hardware supplies and garbage, but aren’t really what I want.

Unfortunately I just missed a deadline for the current batch of Folk Flutes and a flute ordered now won’t go out until October.

On the other hand, that will give me plenty of time to stock up on bore oil, of which I don’t have any! :) Didn’t need any, because my one wooden instrument is wax-impregnated. (Sounds kinky.)

Now I think I’ll go play some whistle, maybe....

Upupupdate: I ordered it from Grey Larsen instead of directly from Casey Burns, so maybe Larsen is getting a bunch of them that are already made and I’ll end up with one of those. I don’t know if that’s how it works. Due to the bugginess of Opera on my platform I almost accidentally ordered the standard spacing instead of the small-handed! I had to re-enter my order after killing Opera and re-starting twice, and forgot to select the hole spacing the second time, but I noticed when I double-checked my order.

Upupupupdate: I guess it says at Grey Larsen’s site that the timing is the same whichever way you buy the flute, so I guess that Larsen just passes the money along, minus commission.

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