Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Randi Rhodes meltdown, in part thanks to Barack Obama

I described Randi Rhodes, people might remember, as especially susceptible to Barack Obama’s E plabnista rhetoric. Unfortunately Randi is not the sort to take the disillusionment and live with it; she needs to make matters worse and today that is what she is doing. She is claiming that Wesley Clark is a ‘swiftboating’ John McCain and hinting darkly that this has something to do with the Clinton campaign (thus implying that Clark isn’t just some guy speaking for himself). She is defending Barack Obama’s support of the FISA-gutting bill as ‘principled’ and ‘reasoned’. She actually denigrated ‘knee-jerk liberals’ who criticize Obama—which is strange stuff coming from Randi Rhodes. She is turning into a Democratic quasi-Republican, alongside her Leader; and she is abusing callers her disagree with her.

In short, Obama has gained himself an Obamabot.

Genuine ‘inspiration’ seems as if you could have thought it up yourself. It is not person-oriented. It is not bot-producing. Obama is capable of the genuine, but probably will not achieve it; instead he has himself a whole lot of bots, a bunch of disillusioned non-bots, and numerous people in transition from bots to disillusioned non-bots.

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