Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

What people do not realize is that Barack Obama is lying to them

So far Randi Rhodes, Jeff Farias, and the first caller to blessed Sam Seder subbing for Mike Malloy have used Barack Obama’s statements to argue that there is a silver lining to the FISA-gutting law(lessness).

What these people have not been considering is that Barack Obama’s justifications are lies, although Sam did correct the points on which the caller had been misled by those lies. People are using Barack Obama as a source of information about the new law(lessness).

Barack Obama is trying to bamboozle you. Simply do not let it happen; do not believe the man, but question everything he says, and do not trust him, but instead work to restore the system of checks and balances, to keep him reined in should he make a power-grab. Vote for Obama, but he is a threat like any future president. To help restore the system of checks and balances, weed out the worst Democrats and in so doing put fear of the people into the Democratic majority:,

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