Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Obama wooing the big money

See,0,3540067.story for stuff about Obama using Bill Clinton as the excuse for why Hillary won’t be the running mate. Presumably Obama is trying to lure in, among others, those big money donors who had bought Hillary Clinton, and now feel their purchase has been stolen. Making it easier to seem sincere would be that Obama probably wouldn’t terribly mind HRC as running mate if it weren’t for WJC.

However, there is WJC.

Brent Budowsky has said that Hillary and Bill have very different visions of HRC’s future, but AFAIK Brent still hasn’t undraped this latest of his works of gossip.

Obama is going to need that big money, now that he has endangered his small money. Look at it this way: If Obama had blocked the FISA-gutting bill behind the scenes and I had found out about that, Obama would now have a quite reasonable bit of my money; instead he has none of it, but I have given more to defeat bad Democrats (including Steny Hoyer in 2010) and have pledged to put money into the August 8 money bomb.

I mean, what did he think was going to happen? And I’m not one of those he has left badly disillusioned (as he inevitably would); imagine how they feel now. Early money is like yeast, yes, so Obama had better shape up quickly, or he’s risking the future of his nation.

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