Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

This result is utterly bogus

This result is stupefyingly off the mark. I suppose that’s a sort of achievement for the test’s author; just not the kind one wants to make. And I avoid roller coasters like the plague; in fact, I’d rather have the plague.

Your result for The Attachment Style Test...

The Free Agent

29% Anxiety Over Abandonment and 31% Avoidance Of Intimacy

You like to be independent, to play by your own rules. You're not terribly interested in finding a partner and settling down, and it makes you nervous to imagine that someone might depend on you for anything. Were you to find the right partner--someone as independent as you, probably--you'd not be too put out about sharing your adventures with him/her.


Fictional characters with whom you might identify: Han Solo (Star Wars), Beatrice ("Much Ado About Nothing")

HanSolo.jpg  Beatrice.jpg


Other Attachment Types:
Secure: The Unicorn  |  The Cuddleslut  |  The Free Agent
Preoccupied: The Cling Wrap  |  The Squid  |  The Insect
Fearful: The Doormat  |  The Leper  |  The Exile
Dismissing: The Hermit  |  The Stone  |  The Player
Confused: The Waffler

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