Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


I am very, very interested in the nature of conspiracy theory, especially as it seems to be a topic on which my fancy psychoanalyst doesn’t have very useful insight. He seems to think it is because the actual world is scary, but that makes no sense to me, because the world of conspiracy theories is far scarier than the actual world.

So, I ponder. I listen and try to keep my cool, because purposeful obtuseness irritates me (unless it is in jest). And I think I may have figured out why Mike Malloy angrily demands to see a good photograph of the airplane hitting the Pentagon, even though I’ve shown him the horrible frames that one would expect from a typical surveillance camera, and even though there were numerous eyewitnesses from the nearby busy interstate, light poles knocked over, a trench dug in the ground, etc. You see, Mike keeps on suggesting that there must be photos, because it’s the freaking Pentagon, and it must have all kinds of super duper extra hyper ultra surveillance around it. But, if there are no such photos, and a 757 did hit the Pentagon (which indeed one did), then that means there isn’t super duper extra hyper ultra surveillance around the Pentagon.

If that is so, then the conception of the world according to conspiracy theories is threatened. For, in this world of conspiracy theories, places like the Pentagon are kept under total, high-resolution surveillance. They make James Bond movies look primitive. But, if they are not that way, then the whole worldview collapses.

It is interesting how frequently Malloy has predicted on the show that some person would turn up dead (Pervez Musharraf for one), and in no case in my memory has this happened, yet he keeps on doing it, because these murders would occur in the conspiracy theory world. Malloy’s not stupid or particularly goofy, and he never really has strayed from the idea, for instance, that probably Bush and crew just let the attacks occur rather than conducted them; in other words, basically he believes about 9/11 what I believe, despite his fondness for conspiracy theories.

I can’t really say why the fondness for conspiracy theories, although in this specific case I suspect it is partly a way to manage feelings of guilt about anger—his well known and often self-described temper problem; a conspiracy theory world would be one in which there is someone to be angry at for just about anything nasty. For example, if Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK and that’s that, who is there to be angry at about the murder of JFK? At most, some pathetic loser who got murdered right away himself; the murder of JFK becomes merely sad, not anger-justifying.

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