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Actually he wanted a videotape!

Ugh! Now they are actually using Malloy’s demand as a promo for the program! This made my earlobes burn and I need more practice not letting that happen, so I’ve switched off the Nova M stream in favor of ‘Wooden Flute Obsession 3’.

Apparently he demanded not just a good frame this time, but an actual videotape of the 757 crashing into the building. At least two videos do exist, mind you, I’ve seen them myself; in one from a security camera near the crash site, you can see what is probably the tip of the nose cone plowing through the earth, and in the other, from further away, in a frame you can see a small blur that is obscured by another security gate, probably key card controlled. There is an optical illusion that the (very, very indistinct) airplane is too small, but if you take into account that the sides of the Pentagon are the size of airport concourses then it is possible to adjust to the seeming smallness; the plane is farther away than seems. Malloy doesn’t care about these videos, however.

No, what he is demanding is a nice, clear video showing an airplane swooping down upon the Pentagon and smashing into it. He points out that the Pentagon is this or that or the other super duper place and says, regarding the absence of such video, ‘Give me a break!’ Alas, not even national talk radio semi-stars deserve that kind of break, when they make it so bleeding obvious that they are refusing to question their own mental preconditions.

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