Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Web fonts

I have empowered these pages to download Fontin SmallCaps and the DejaVu LGC Serif/Sans Condensed fonts for you if you have a webfonts-capable browser (that is, Safari :). I haven’t tested with Safari, but did test with Prince, a webpage-printing program.

Please let me know if anything goofy happens.

Note that if you have these fonts actually installed on your system, the installed copies will be used. In fact, if you have the regular DejaVu Serif/Sans Condensed fonts installed, they will be used instead of the DejaVu LGC fonts.

(The DejaVu LGC fonts have only Latin/Greek/Cyrillic scripts and are slightly smaller than the regular fonts, thus slightly faster for Safari/Prince/Opera-before-too-long/etc to download.)

BTW please visit exljbris font foundry where you will find many excellent freebie fonts, including Fontin SmallCaps. There are some inexpensive non-freebies, as well.

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