Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

‘The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder’: my perspective

I really am not happy with Vincent Bugliosi’s ‘The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder’. I fully support Bugliosi’s goal and look forward to voicing my futile opposition to a sentence of death against George W. Bush for mass murder, but the book could have been so much better than it is.

There is blindness within the ruling classes of our ‘society’—first, the ruling classes fail to see that they are the ruling classes; second, they do not see that they are negligent in the duties of the ruling classes; third, they do not see that the results of their negligence is their responsibility and not that of the mostly ignorant masses, who are innocent victims of the negligence.

Vincent Bugliosi is a member of the ruling classes; this is the main reason why he can go to a book publisher, get them to publish his book, have Barnes and Noble devote at least a little shelf space to that book. I am a member of the ruling classes, albeit a lesser member then Vincent Bugliosi. Teachers, scientists, physicians, psychotherapists, etc., etc., etc., are members of the ruling classes, yet too often do not realize this and do not take on the responsibilities of leadership. For example, to this date, Justin Frank is one of the few, and perhaps the only notable psychiatrist or psychotherapist to have accepted his responsibilities as a leading member of the ruling classes.

Vincent Bugliosi is a leading member of the ruling classes, but (unlike Dr. Frank) he does not seem to recognize the distinction. Bugliosi thinks very highly of himself and shows disdain for people of lesser capability and privilege.

Early in the book, Bugliosi tells us that he doesn’t think he is particularly bright, but that unlike others he is able to see things ‘as they are’. Translation: ‘I am a fucking genius.’ This ‘fucking genius’ goes on to identify 9/11-inside-job theorists with ‘the Far Left’; declares and actually tries to make points on the ‘fact’ that the 3000 people murdered on 9/11 were (so he claims) all Americans; complains that the masses do not read news and opinion, and then complains that if you do read news and opinion you will be misled, and that this is because the masses will let journalists write such crap. I ask, what does Bugliosi, a member of the ruling classes, hope to achieve by berating the less capable and privileged masses of ‘society’ for their lack of capability and privilege?

It is the journalists’ responsibility not to write crap; it is not the responsibility of the masses. It is not the responsibility of the masses to read newspapers and magazines that mix responsible and irresponsible journalistic behavior willy-nilly. It is not the responsibility of the less capable and less privileged masses to form opinion or to be sufficiently educated to vote responsibly. These things are the responsibility of politicians, jurists, business persons, publishers, journalists, educators, scientists, engineers, physicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, etc., etc. And, yes, it is the responsibility of former prosecutors such as Vincent Bugliosi, and of popular non-fiction writers such as Vincent Bugliosi.

Bugliosi is, in practice, one of the most responsible members of the ruling classes; he is, after all, the first qualified person to do the research and then publish to show that Bush is guilty of first or second degree murder in any of numerous jurisdictions. However, being blind to the general division of responsibility in our ‘society’, he is, in a way, slacking. In essence, he is ‘teaching’ that the ignorant masses are responsible for the abuse they get from people like Vincent Bugliosi, and it is rather like watching an ill-tempered teacher telling a class of children how ‘stupid’ they are, knowing that every year’s students get the same treatment—and that, of course, not all of these students are capable of becoming teachers themselves, so what does the actual, capable, privileged-to-teach teacher expect of the students, anyway?

Bugliosi and his editor screwed up. I am frightened that this screw-up will extend to the prosecution of Bush, and that the prosecution might end up not happening because Bugliosi’s misdirected viciousness weakens the book.

I think it worth noting that Barack Obama seems to me someone who could understand what I am saying here. This is my cause for hope in him, that I think he might understand and that what he understood would matter to him. (But he still is missing out on the money donations he would have gotten had he not acted like a loser and endorsed the FISA-gutting, so that my money went instead towards the destruction of the careers of Democrats whose role in such debacles is greatest.)


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