Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Making your point with voice tone (upupdated)

Randi’s tone with the ‘Don’t you get it?!’ is getting louder.

She just defended her theory, that ‘they’ want Sarah Palin because she’s a Monica Goodling idiot, by telling us again about Harriet Miers. Never mind that ‘they’ rejected Harriet Miers like a bad transplant (after Bush appointed her for personal reasons having nothing to do with concern for ‘they’, much less the nation).

Update: But Randi now is talking to my man, Brent Budowsky. Woohoo!!!!

Upupdate: Brent just told Randi she was wrong while agreeing with her. That is, he agreed very politely about the incompetence of all these people, but then explained how this was an impulsive, reckless, typically John McCain move and that ‘they’ are terrified.

(BTW I wonder if Dick Morris is going to withdraw his claims that the stupendously wonderful Palin pick has squelched a post-convention bounce for Obama; Obama is registering some of his highest poll numbers so far. Actually Morris has been revising his posting (at and who knows what it will say by the end of today.)

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