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Cluster headache news

I was awakened Tuesday by a left-sided cluster headache type of attack, very mild in the pain aspect -- as they have tended to be for some time, perhaps due to my treatment with tricyclic drugs -- but with considerable amount of the aftereffects -- especially inability to focus the affected eye. I slept off most of the torpor, but still the eye effectively is blind. (I'm mostly keeping it shut, which also keeps it from hurting due to the lingering light sensitivity.)

I noticed some interesting new facts. First fact is that, when I was having the attack, I was able to open my left eye for several brief moments, and I think that eye, and just that eye, was experiencing a sort of cinematic go-stop-go-stop vision. Then after what seemed to be the attack proper, there was still pain in the eye. I took a 5 mg tablet of zolmitriptan; after the usual couple of hours it takes for me to respond much to zolmitriptan, the pain subsided and I started smelling the flower-like 'fragrance' that I 'sense' as an aftereffect of cluster headache. This makes me wonder if I had a sort of low grade but long-lasting cluster headache type attack going on. That the pain went away is one thing, but for the flower-'scent' to come when the pill started working is another, and to me surprising, aspect.

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