Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Font rendering is better today

Fonts look better today, including DejaVu Serif Condensed in Flock. I wonder what I changed. Possibly some part of the X system was upgraded or re-compiled with different settings. I didn’t pay close attention to what was being built, after my last sync (i.e., last update, in Gentoo lingo).

I re-installed KDE 4 but it still doesn’t suit my needs. However I left it installed so I can use what app functionality is available without running all the underlying stuff. I went back to KDE 3 with kwin and kdesktop disabled, so I can use fluxbox and ROX pinboard instead. In the long run, when KDE 3 is retired, I may have to go to a purer fluxbox desktop, but perhaps not. Maybe they’ll make kwin more like fluxbox; there is, indeed, clamoring out there for tabs support; I saw it myself, yesterday.

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