Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Jesse Ventura and the media

You know, Jesse Ventura used to pull the petulantly-not-interacting-with-the-media thing, and do you know what the local TV media did? They would give him more of what he didn’t like, and they would do reports about how he wouldn’t talk to them, etc.

It was excellent entertainment, and gives you some idea why Ventura didn’t find the job satisfying.

I wonder if anyone who works in the national media is reading this.

(Tangential: I’m still trying to figure what were the ‘ideas’ of Ventura that Mike Malloy is so interested in. As far as I can remember, Ventura had five ideas: (1) Reduce the vehicle registration tax for people like Jesse Ventura; (2) Unicameral legislature; (3) Turn surpluses into rebate checks rather than investing for the future; (4) Badmouth the Republican and Democratic parties while trying to deal with them; (5) Light rail. We got (1), (3), and (4), but shouldn’t have; we got (5) and to my surprise it is excellent (though I haven’t used it, myself). Throw in that Ventura protected us from anti-abortionism and such and it wasn’t an atrocious four years, but aside from light rail I have can’t imagine what Malloy is imagining.

I think I give up on him, anyway; I’m tired of the hypocrisy. I still can’t get over the week he was fired by Air America. They had just told him he was going to be renewed, and the first thing he did was say that Air America should fire Jerry Springer instead; well, they both got canned, and so you might have a guess at why I have thought Malloy was fired; I mean, I was flabbergasted when he did that.)

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