Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

More ranting about Mike Malloy’s hypocrisy

What really gets me and is a big straw on the camel’s back is Malloy’s hypocrisy concerning Randi Rhodes. Malloy is constantly, constantly, making characterizations of individuals that, if applied to Randi Rhodes, would paint her as a non-liberal, ‘Republican’, ‘corporatist’ dupe and waste of airtime, and yet, of course, goes on to praise Randi Rhodes as a ‘real’ liberal unlike (supposedly) Ed Schultz, and she’s the ‘Goddess of Radio’, and so forth. What a freaking hypocrite. It is obvious to me that this guy has an obligation to stop talking about people in the ways he does, if he doesn’t want those slurs to apply equally to Randi Rhodes. But there is no such sense of responsibility, and he even goes on to praise Jesus as a person (not the religion), when Jesus would have kicked his hypocritical butt.

Now, it is true that Randi Rhodes (as well as Jon Elliot) made all kinds of cracks about Fred Thompson having a much younger wife, who actually wasn’t all that young, and with Mike Malloy having a similar marriage. It really gets ridiculous when you consider the high regard given by Randi to Dennis Kucinich’s marriage to someone even more younger than him. But this stuff isn’t so much hypocrisy as poor judgment in making humor, even more so given that Fred Thompson actually wasn’t all that old—just wrinkly and bored.

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