Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I do not understand continued hoi-polloi interest in the Major Leagues


I had the wisdom to pretty much dump MLB some twenty years ago. Support your nearest independent league, dammit! You are not good enough for the Major Leagues.

There would be no indy baseball if there were no players who were striving to be Major Leaguers, or who had striven earlier in life to be Major Leaguers, or who wished once again to be Major Leaguers, and so forth: the health of indy ball depends on the existence of establishment ball. But you are welcome at the indy ballpark, and even at a farm league ballpark (though these both, too, are plagued with ‘skyboxes’ these days); you are not welcome in the Majors. You are merely tolerated just enough to keep you from massing together and taking a wrecking ball to the stadium.

Stop being so tolerant of being merely tolerated.

Now back to our regularly scheduled funfest.

(Thankfully, at Midway Stadium we do not have skyboxes, despite a one-time attempt of the Saints to get them and a gentrified riverfront stadium at citizen expense. You have to stay on guard at all times.)

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