Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Tired of Hartmann begging the gods for a Greater Depression so he can say he told us so

I’m getting rather tired of listening to Thom Hartmann predicting a new Great Depression worse than the first (not to mention his infantile equation of ‘creating wealth’ with ‘making things’). If we follow Brent Budowsky’s opinions, which have actual knowledge of economics behind them, anyone hinting at a coming depression is either ignorant of economics or a scoundrel; Thom Hartmann is not a scoundrel, but his intellectual habits are too much based on simplistic syllogisms.

Related: Hartmann has Ravi Batra on as a regular guest, and also had him on after the current financial crisis took shape. It is simultaneously annoying and humorous what goes on during these host-guest encounters. Essentially, Ravi Batra says there isn’t going to be a great depression, but what Thom Hartmann hears is that there is going to be a great depression. The last time I heard these two together, Hartmann anxiously pushes Batra to predict an economic collapse; Batra hedges and finally says that if there is going to be collapse it will come next year rather than this year. You’re way ahead of me: the anxiety goes out of Hartmann’s voice and then the segment ends—Thom’s got something he can work with: ‘Ravi Batra says the collapse will come next year.’

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