Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Working with ConTeXt and LuaTeX and/or with ant

I just figured out today that ConTeXt Mark IV doesn’t yet have the ability to do kerning at discretionary hyphenation points; having figured that out, I came to understand the comment in the code that says it can’t yet do kerning at discretionary hyphenation points (nor with ligatures). I hadn’t noticed this when making my new edition of ‘The Creation of the World’, because I used my Prociono font and it is well spaced; but, playing with a badly spaced font, and sticking kerns in at the worst spots, I noticed, because letters overlapped and I couldn’t stop it.

There is a decent chance I’ll go do the next project anyway, just using a well-spaced font that you could get away with using sans kerning.

But I strongly suspect they are going about things incorrectly, in a way that I did in my first pass at handling OpenType features. That was in my Unicon software; I did things more correctly in the Caml version. Experience with TeX isn’t necessarily a great thing when working with OpenType.

I’m kind of bored with writing my tiny little programs in Caml, and want a break from designing fonts. I’m going to take a break from Juvelo Italic and release Juvelo Roman as a ‘sneak preview’ on my reworked CrudFactory page. But also I am thinking of working either with LuaTeX and ConTeXt but trying to cram in code for the way I think things should work, or else fork off my own derivative of ant (which is public domain). The former project could leverage a whole lot of existing capability, while the latter project not as much. But the former also means working with a rapidly changing project that some guys purposely are doing as a small team, while the latter is working with code whose author doesn’t have time to work on it, anyway, so that forking off my own stuff would be a leisurely activity.

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