Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Lieberman, Lubberman, Looberman

One of the reasons Washington Democrats do things like welcome home Joseph Isadore Lieberman and extract from him essentially no penalty is to make the people who vote for them scream bloody murder. This is a rite that increases their stature in the Beltway Establishment; they even talk about it that way in Establishment circles, though they construct their sentences differently.

So I am not going to scream bloody murder; if they want it, then they cannot have it. I’m not even angrier than before today, because what is this misdeed compared to what these same Democratic senators have done over the last two years, or indeed the last eight? In fact, Lieberman earned the gift he got today, by blocking investigations into Bush’s felonies, which were known about and at least tacitly approved by high-ranking Democrats.

What do I make of the claim by at least one insider that the senators were doing Barack Obama’s bidding? I do not believe pressure from Obama was needed, but the senators are happy to use Obama’s support for their misdeed as an excuse. We can infer from their excuse-making that these senators, who welcome Joseph Isadore Lieberman with open arms, remain free of desire to exert their own authority. They still see the United States Government as a kind of semi-dictatorship by the White House resident, whoever that be, with Congress subordinate. This view of the ‘democratic republic’ was not imposed by Barack Obama; indeed, it would have been far worse had Obama worked his butt off to get Joseph Isadore Lieberman punished, because that action would have indicated an attempt by Obama to increase the dominance over the legislative branch that he is inheriting from the existing way of things in Washington.

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