Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


Readers of this blog might notice I have been redesigning it. I found the previous major revision difficult to read. Now I have gone for a bit of the book-page-on-yellow-tinted-handmade-paper look I’ve been using for PDFs lately. (It’s the exact same background image, which I made with a cloth-texture GIMP script.) The background seems to make lengthy text easier to read; text fonts seem to appreciate it.

Everything is done in one typeface, which currently is, in order of priority: Constantia (which people avoiding Vista can get from the free PowerPoint Viewer 2007); any of a couple of versions of Palatino (one of which is ‘embedded’ for Safari users); your default serif face. I, personally, might prefer to Berling Antiqua (which is included in the free Microsoft Reader, but it is difficult to find a safe fallback for a typeface with a low x-height like Berling’s.

I have implemented some navigational arrows designed according to my reading habits: skip to the next entry, skip back, and refresh-from-the-top (represented by a ‘start’ arrow). The first two don’t behave very intuitively (which is a general problem with internal anchors).

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