Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Sick liberals

I noticed over at Digby that some people are starting to think that Barack Obama is trying to get them tolerant of Rick Warren, more than the other way around.

I have news for them: we all have no choice but to tolerate Rick Warren. We cannot deport him, we cannot ban his books. We cannot move away and break contact with him, as we can do with our relatives when we do not want to tolerate them.

We have no choice but to tolerate Rick Warren—no choice whatsoever, without becoming hitlerian monsters who put people to death because they bother us.

The question, then, is whether we are going to have control of our own reactions, or continue giving that control to the Rick Warrens among our brothers and sisters. It is disconcerting how the mere scheduling of this man to speak a few words at the inauguration of his friend, Barack Obama, can send adrenaline roaring through so many blood vessels. This is the Reverend Wright episode all over again, but coming from the other direction.

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