Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

cmake sucks

The experience of converting my ant-dialect from building with OMake to building with CMake was difficult enough for me to decide that CMake sucks. I discovered and am switching to SCons, which seems very much to un-suck.

Not that I would use GNU Autotools instead of CMake; Autotools isn’t very platform independent and version changes tend to break older stuff.

(Of course I could have stuck with OMake, but it hid too much of the structure of the program from me, which I needed to understand, anyway. OMake knows Objective Caml too well. :) Really it’s mostly that I want something that is easily programmed and extended, which SCons is. I also wanted something that built in a very clean, out-of-source way, which CMake does, but it’s hard to extend or otherwise make capable of intelligently building anything not written in but a few simple languages. The programming facilities remind me of Fortran circa 1966. SCons you program in Python.)

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