Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Okay, that's it. I'm done with this.

Randi Rhodes’s jealous vendetta against Al Franken has gone too far already and is heating up in proportion to Al Franken’s success. I think I’m not going to listen to her program anymore. Nova M has become a network of jealous backstabbers who couldn’t keep their jobs elsewhere, and who cannot even promote their networks on TV because they are such loose cannons.

The Rude Pundit happened to notice that Al Franken did take on the fight to count votes that Al Gore almost did and John Kerry didn’t. Randi Rhodes, meanwhile, wants to tell Al Franken ‘I told you so’ about the stolen presidential elections, because Al wound up in a recount (not due, mind you, to Florida-Ohio-style shenanigans). What’s wrong with this picture? And now that’s just one milder manifestation of her inferiority complex.

I have little doubt that Al Franken fought to have votes counted mainly because he wanted to have all the votes counted. He is the only politician I can think of who, announcing his decision to run, was practically in tears with sorrow; for Franken this isn’t an ego trip as much as it is a desire to expand and escalate his USO show. What has Randi Rhodes done? She even takes credit for the success of liberal talk radio, when probably a major reason she became as successful nationally as she did is that her show followed Al Franken’s.

(There is one seriously bad thing that Al Franken has done, though, which is to introduce Katherine Lanpher to the City of New York. We want her back in the Twin Cities, but she won’t come back! :) )

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