Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Funny but both frustrating and sad

Air America’s Ron Reagan claims that ‘of course’ Gene Robinson was chosen, to speak at this last weekend’s big party, to mollify all the people upset by the choice of Rick Warren to speak tomorrow. Well, whadayaknow, Kristy tells me that she’s heard that Gene Robinson was chosen before Rick Warren; but, even if that is false, Reagan’s ‘of course’ is anything but an ‘of course’. I, for one, do not believe that the choice of Robinson for the big bash has anything significantly to do with the choice of Rick Warren for the inauguration, and certainly do not believe that Barack Obama made some kind of ‘mistake’ (by picking Warren) for which he is trying to make up. What I believe is that Barack Obama is reaching out his hand to left-wingers and they are spitting in his palm.

In any case, in the fantasy world built upon the presumption that Obama made a ‘tone-deaf’ ‘mistake’ by picking Rick Warren for tomorrow, there now has been a ‘slight’ because Robinson was not carried on TV by HBO. Of course it’s a television broadcast of a big concert, and thus it was that the preliminary boredom wasn’t carried; neither HBO nor Barack Obama could care less. Indeed, the idea that this was a ‘slight’ is built on the premise, likely false, that Robinson was supposed to mollify the people who are upset over Rick Warren. If you assume instead, as I do, that supposed liberals getting upset over Rick Warren was part of the plan in the first place—that Barack Obama is reaching out his hand to lefties to form a human chain, but doesn’t expect instant success—then it would have been foolish of Obama to make a big show of Gene Robinson, if none had been planned already.

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