Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


The Department of Homeland Terror:
I certainly realize that this is sobering news, not just about the intent of our enemies, but of their specific plans and a glimpse into their methods.

But we must understand that the kind of information available to us today is the result of the President’s leadership in the war against terror.

The Newark Star-Ledger:
Uptown, at the heavily guarded 59-story Citigroup building on East 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue, New York Gov. George Pataki and Mayor Michael Bloomberg paid workers a call with three surprise visitors -- first lady Laura Bush and her two daughters.

Several hundred company employees greeted them with an ovation. Bush and the others joined several employees at a table and held a private conversation over coffee.

Asked by a reporter why she had come to the center, Bush smiled and replied, "For coffee." Seconds later she added, "I want to thank people for coming to work and I'm really glad to be with them today."

And they say that these alerts are politically motivated. That's just pessimism.

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