Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Anxiety in learning

Yesterday I was very anxious, because my hands were hurting like when I was working (meaning I was doing too much), Cairo (for which I was doing too much) was generating large PDFs, and I realized that Cairo simply didn’t have sufficient PDF support for my needs—it didn’t even come close.

I felt rotten and broke out in rashes.

BUT— After sleeping I decided to see if I could put ActualText into a PDF using xdvipdfmx and DVI specials, and it’s not especially hard to do. Also the limitations of ActualText have become more apparent.

Really the most efficient thing to do, as far as PDF size is concerned, would be to use both the Adobe glyph naming scheme to make a ToUnicode map and ActualText for tougher cases, such as marking a hyphen as a ‘soft hyphen’ that should be removed when content is extracted, and specifying replacement letters for when the hyphen is removed, as is necessary in traditional German spellings.

Also I’ve dumped Digby from my reading list.

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